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China eases anti-covid measures for seafarers and port workers

Image Credit: Seatrade Maritime News

Repost: Following major anti-Covid policy adjustments, China is loosening Covid-control measures for seafarers and workers from the port sector.

According to the latest guidance released by Ministry of Transport, crew members will not need to provide Covid-test to port operators before the vessel berthing at the port and will no longer need to prepare a negative Covid-test within two days or a health code.

There will be no requirements for port workers onboard the inland trading vessel and seafarers entering into the port operation area.

In addition, port staff except those from high-risk positions will not need to do regular Covid-test anymore.

Port operators should work out emergency back-up plans in case of large-scale infections happened to ensure the port will maintain normal operation.

With the easing of Covid-19 quarantine policy, the asymptomatic infections and the people with mild symptoms can stay at home, seafarers and port workers can change shifts and return to home easily. `The policy changes signal a shift away from zero-covid following protests in major cities recently.

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