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NYK presents seafaring career to school students

Repost: NYK is trying to attract more young Japanese to take up a career as seafarers with presentations to school students.

NYK seafarers gave a presentation about work and life on an oceangoing vessel to a group at Yokohama Municipal Yokodai Daiichi Elementary School on 12 December, and another presentation was provided to students at Yokohama Municipal Eda Minami Junior High School on 15 December.

Yokodai Daiichi Elementary School an NYK navigator gave a presentation to 98 sixth-grade students on the maritime industry and work in the shipping industry.

At Eda Minami Junior High School NYK seafarers gave a presentation to 12 students in their first year of junior high demonstrating how to disassemble and assemble an engine. The students were also given the opportunity to engage in ship-maneuvering using a ship-maneuvering simulator. One student commented, “I am now interested in seamanship.”

Image Credit: Seatrade Maritime News

The presentations are part of NYK’s Mirai Project to promote awareness of shipping to young people and the possibility of seafaring as career.

Japan has just 2,200 active seafarers and its shipping companies are heavily reliant on countries such as the Philippines and India for seafarers where they have large-scale training facilities.

Seatrade Maritime News

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