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1.1. Description of the “Crewing Online” App?

Crewing Online” is an online marine crewing service platform for shipowners and also an effective job search engine for seafarers. Our platform brings seafarers and shipowners together in one place and allows them to get connected conveniently.

1.2. What are the main services of “Crewing Online” catered for Shipowners/Employers?

A: Explore Crewing Online Seafarers’ Database:

○ Search through “Crewing Online” database to find which seafarers’ fits into your vacancies;
○ Filter CVs by suitability and available positions;
○ Apply for seafarers’ employment of your choice;
○ Manage and save your favorite’ CVs;

B: Post Jobs And Received Candidates’ CVs:

○ Handle invitations between Seafarers;
○ Receive multiple CVs directly from “Crewing Online” system;
○ Post available vacancies/jobs required for companies/operation;

C: CVs/Profile Reviews:

○ Get to review seafarers’ CVs and profiles;

1.3. What is the relationship between “Crewing Online” and “Marine Online”?

Crewing Online” is an integrated e-commerce online platform under “Marine Online”, “Crewing Online” offers comprehensive global crewing services that bring seafarers, ship-owners and manning agencies together.

Marine Online” (MOL) has more service coverage, including chartering, shipping supply, port agency, bunkering, marine insurance, and ship SNP besides crewing services.

1.4. If I forget my email address, how can the Customer Service team help to track back my email address?

You can provide information such as your name or address and Customer Service team may able to find a relevant department to help trace back your email based on the information provided.

1.5. I have an enquiry, is there any helpline to contact?

Yes. You may email us at, our customer service consultant will be happy to assist you.

1.6. Other than recruiting Seafarers from “Crewing Online”, can Employers engage in other services within “Marine Online”?

Yes, “Crewing Online” is a B2C platform for Seafarers while “Marine Online” is a B2B platform for Shipowners and Employers. Employers can utilize the other services on the “Marine Online” platform as we understand that some Companies have varied business entities and different needs other than Crewing.

Marine Online” is a B2B platform which can cater to different companies’ business requirements and our services are categorized as follow:

○ Port Agency
○ Bunkering
○ Ship Supply
○ Crewing
○ Marine Insurance
○ Ship Sale And Purchase (SNP)

To explore more about “Marine Online”, you will be directed to the platform by clicking HERE.



2.1. Is there a fee to use your app and post my required job position?

No, usage and creation of any numbers of positions are free of charge.

2.2. Who provides the jobs on the platform?

Shipowners and manning agencies provide the jobs in “Crewing Online” as this platform brings worldwide ship owners and manning agencies together. Through this platform, employers will be able to recruit the well trained and skilled seamen directly and seafarers are able to be employed by their preferred employers.

2.3. After posting for employer job requirements, can seafarers see my job post?

Your posted jobs will be displayed in our job data pool and the system will match the most suitable jobs to crew directly.

2.4. How do employers post jobs on the app?

Employers can do the postings by clicking “My Business” > “Job Management” > “Post Job” > Fill In The Requirements > Click “Save”.

2.5. Can I check if my postings are still valid or expired?

You may check your postings at: “Job Management” > “My Posted Job”, there are options for “My Open Jobs”, “My Expired Jobs” and “My Closed Jobs”.

2.6. If I’m not satisfied with the job I posted for, can I cancel the posting?

Yes, you may cancel your postings at: “Job Management” > “My Posted Job”, there are options for “My Open Jobs”, “My Expired Jobs” and “My Closed Jobs”. Click on the position you wish to cancel then click “Close”.

2.7. Why can’t I save my job postings?

Ensure that all required fields are filled up in order to proceed to the next section of CV creation.

2.8. The App only allows me to input “Seafarers” salary in USD; must the salary be paid in USD?

No, employers can pay the pay seafarers’ salary at any currency that is mutually acceptable by both parties, not just in US dollars.

It is recommended that employers convert local currency to US dollars when posting job information so that seafarers around the world can understand and compare the wage levels employers provide according to uniform standards.

2.9. What documents do we have to provide when signing up for an account?

You are required to fill in the basic company information, contact information and a company logo/banner to sign up for an account.

2.10. How do I manage my Subscription?

You may select your preference to receive daily news update from us via Push, Site Message, Email or SMS. These options can be found at the company’s profile page.

2.11. How do I download Saved CVs?

Saved CV: “My Business” > “My Saved CVs”
Shortlisted CVs: “My Business” > “My Posted Jobs” > “Job Detail Page” > “Shortlisted”